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Industrial Rigging & Transport Services


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Dingey Movers, Inc. is a highly skilled house mover using industry leading hydraulic jacks, trailers, and built-up steel rail systems, is often the best solution for moving machines and production equipment within and between production facilities.

The fact is cranes and rigging are often operationally limited in tight quarters such as production floors and factory environments. Also, cranes and rigging operations often involve unnecessary and extra steps as opposed to structural movers; costing you more money, but more importantly, more downtime on your production capacity.

If you are looking for professional industrial equipment movers, riggers or specialized machinery movers, we are the experts with the experience to back it up. Industrial equipment moving requires careful planning and securing of all equipment before the process begins. Our industrial equipment moving pros are trained and certified to get the job done right the first time.

Our trained, licensed, bonded and insured structural movers move all types of structures.We are proud to offer friendly, reliable customer support through every phase of the project. This includes obtaining the necessary permits to perform work in your area. We stay current on all regulations and properly dispose of materials to ensure a truly green project from start to finish

Our equipment is capable of handling hundreds of tons of heavy machinery, transformers, boats, bridges, piping and other super industrial loads.

Regardless of weight, shape, size or age, we have never completed anything short of a successful move, in over 70 years in business!

We can help with:
Existing site removal evaluations
Transport routing and permittings
Placement at destination site
Building breakdown and loading plans
Determing the proper transport vehicles
Relocating your industrial equipment
Historical moves
Commercial moves
Moving the "unmovable"

Industrial Rigging / Transport Services

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Since 1947 there is no job too large or small for Dingey Movers